Maps of Scarisbrick & West Lancashire

by Gerard Swarbrick    FRSA, FBCartS

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Scarisbrick Use mouse scroll-wheel to control zoom

£28.00 inc. P&P    12" x 17"  (31 x 43cm)

This map was originally produced in black and white, for a painting competition to raise funds to build a new village Hall. It became very popular as a keepsake. This is one I coloured in myself, but I was not awarded the prize!
« Story of the Scarisbrick Folk map »


WestLancs Use mouse scroll-wheel to control zoom

£30.00 inc. P&P    20" x 23"  (51 x 58cm)

In 1974, all the boundaries of West Lancashire District were altered, and everyone was very confused as to where they actually belonged. I was a District Councillor at the time, and took it upon myself to produce this definitive map. It does not give a great deal of extra information as to local amenities and places of interest. It was, after all, my first attempt at cartography, and I think I have learnt a lot since then!
« Story of the West Lancashire map »

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Gerard Swarbrick      FRSA, FBCartS
cartographer,  designer,  artist.

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