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wirral hundred S01   Map of Wirral Hundred      £68.00 inc. P&P    32" x 24"  (81 x 61cm)
Edition of 1850
The Map of Wirral Peninsula, Cheshire, depicted as in 1840, the opening date of the first railway, and before rise of commercial and population expansion.
Contains cartouches of many old buildings and references to historical events, and the heraldic shields of over 60 old local families.

This map is a "must" for every dyed-in-the-wool Wirralian! 

sefton S02   Map of Sefton District       £68.00 inc. P&P    32" x 24"  (81 x 61cm)
Edition of 999
This covers the new metropolitan District boundaries of 1984, and includes all of Southport, Birkdale, Ainsdale, Formby, Hightown, Crosby, Bootle, Aintree, Maghull and Lydiate.
It is packed full of topographical, historical, heraldic and architectural details which be of unending interest to one and all, and tell you things that you never knew before about your own surroundings.
ormskirk S03   Old Ormskirk Town Map 1678      £42.00 inc. P&P     21" x 17"  (53 x 43cm)
Edition of 500

The most popular and interesting of all my maps, it is based on information from the Records Office, the Archives, and private family deeds and documents. The margins show the coats of arms of local families and landowners of the period.

The larger Giclée print is identical to the original drawing, and is well worth the extra cost:
S04   As above:  Giclée print  (Edition of 50)     £88.00 inc. P&P     28" x 24"  (71 x 61cm)
lathom S05   Historical Map of Lathom      £39.00 inc. P&P     16½" x 12"  (42 x 30cm)
Edition of 399
Drawn to celebrate the tri-centenary of the Siege of Lathom House, there is an artist's impression of the original castle of the Lords of Lathom, and shows the much more extensive boundaries at that time compared with present day parish boundaries.
The following three maps are a sort of 'up-to-date' domesday record of the featured villages.

S06   Millennium Map of Scarisbrick £39.00 inc. P&P    24" x 18"  (61 x 46cm)
Edition of 550
At the turn of the century. Details of every house, farm, church, inn etc, even include the names of the families living there.
The Scarisbrick Map shows a detailed drawing of Pugin's Gothic masterpiece: Scarisbrick Hall, and also the beautiful Della Robia plaque in St. Elizabeth's Church.

S07   Millennium Map of Aughton £39.00 inc. P&P    24" x 18"  (61 x 46cm)
Edition of 999
This ancient village south of Ormskirk has become a favourable residential district, though it is still surrounded by rural and farming countryside. The impressive tower of Christ Church, depicted here, can be seen for miles around. As with other maps, names of occupants of many farms and larger houses are shown.

S08   Millennium Map of Mawdesley and Bispham 
Edition of 550£39.00 inc. P&P    24" x 18"  (61 x 46cm)
These are two villages to the North of Ormskirk, close-linked but proudly separate!
Willow-growing and basket-making used to be the over-riding occupation, but has now vanished completely. The map shows some very interesting historical links with the past, including Admiral Lord Nelson, and Blessed John Finch, a Catholic martyr.
Van Gogh never actually came here, but Dutch canal engineers were certainly brought in to solve drainage problems.
S09   Folk Map of Scarisbrick £28.00 inc. P&P    12" x 17"  (31 x 43cm)
Edition of 100
This map was originally produced in black and white, for a painting competition to raise funds to build a new village Hall. It became very popular as a keepsake. This is one I coloured in myself, but I did not get awarded the prize!
S10   Map of West Lancashire District £30.00 inc. P&P    20" x 23"  (51 x 58cm)
Edition of 550
In 1974, all the boundaries of West Lancashire District were altered, and everyone was very confused as to where they were actually belonging to. I was a District Councillor at the time, and I took it upon myself to produce this definitive map. It does not give a great deal of extra information as to local amenities and places of interest. It was, after all, my first attempt at cartography, and I think I have learnt a lot since then!

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