Sefton map detail Sefton District   32" x 24"
by Gerard Swarbrick    FRSAFBCartS
Edition limited to 999 copies



How much do you know about Sefton?
This map contains all that you ever knew, and all that you have always loved about your South Lancashire homeland; be it Bootle, Crosby, Formby, Southport, Aintree, Maghull, Lydiate, or any of the places that now form the Metropolitan District of Sefton.
And far more besides!  Historic events over 1000 years ago, heraldry of many of the leading families and landowners, many miniature pictures of houses and scenes, some long-since gone, famous personalities, histories of present and bygone railways and locomotives, and everything that has helped to form the environment that we know today.
Above all, this map is a work of art, comparable to that of the great mapmakers of the past - Saxton, Speed and Moule. Gerard Swarbrick has studied them all well, and excelled them by weaving so much information into the picture, with such balance and skilful draughtsmanship.

If you are a local historian, a railway enthusiast, a family history fanatic, a roving rambler, a lover of "the good old days", or a collector of fine art and antique maps, this is an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.  Never before have so many facts and figures been gathered together under one roof.  It can be compared to several volumes of history and topography being analysed by a computer for all the interesting content, then pressing a key marked "harmonize", for the results to pour forth onto your screen.
The approximate size of the print is 32" x 24" , fine art printed on high quality parchment in a limited edition of 999 prints.

Each one is individually numbered and signed by the artist.  Work on the map was completed in 1984, after more than seven years.  It is the most researched of any of his maps.  Over 750 of this limited edition have already been sold, and have found their way all over the world, being especially popular in the USA and Australia.


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I was constantly discouraged in my endeavours by repeated assurances that nobody was interested in the District of Sefton, because Sefton never wanted to be part of Bootle or Merseyside; Southport had nothing whatsoever in common with its coastal neighbours, and that there was nothing of any interest that was worth recording on a topographical map.  I would be much better employed on a map of Chester or somewhere really interesting.
What I have tried to do is to show them that they are all very much a part of a quiet little corner of England, of little importance in national affairs, maybe, but a dear home for many.  You may recall, in Thomas Gray's 'Elegy in a Country Churchyard':
"Perhaps in this sequestered spot is laid, some heart once pregnant with celestial zeal" What I have recorded on this map merely scratches the surface of the treasure-chest of history that the district hides.

Gerard Swarbrick      FRSA, FBCartS
cartographer,  designer,  artist.