The Wirral Hundred Map  32" x 24" on parchment
by Gerard Swarbrick    FRSA, FBCartS
Edition limited to 1850 copies

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S01  THE WIRRAL HUNDRED MAP68.00 inc. WORLDWIDE shipping:    32" x 24"  (81 x 61cm)
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The Wirral Map contains 65 coats of arms, researched and gathered together for the first time. Over a period of 10 years, every book and record concerning Wirral has been studied, assessed, checked, re-checked and the information recorded with accuracy. So many more facts have been discovered than could possibly be packed into a single picture that perhaps Gerard Swarbrick, the artist, will follow up with a book to satisfy an appetite that the map has only whetted. wirral hundred
The proofs behind the decision to site the Battle of Brunenburgh (937AD) on the Mersey shore were arrived at after reading eight books on the subject! To the many people who have assisted him on the way, he says a big Thank You, especially to Kenneth Burnley, founder of The Wirral Journal. He has no doubt that, now the map is complete, people will be flocking to point out errors!
Although a Lancashire man himself, who has produced maps of Bootle, Formby, Southport, Ormskirk, Lathom, Scarisbrick and West Lancashire, etc, Gerard has fond boyhood memories of family friends in Willaston, of great aunts who ran the Boathouse cafe and Holywell Hotel at Parkgate, and, further afield, of Lower Huxley Hall, the home of his stepfather's family, the Peacocks. He has long been aware of the great pride that Wirral people take in their homeland "over the water".

wirral hundred
When YOU hang your print of the Wirral map above your living room fireplace, or in your boardroom or office, you will be saying: "I am proud of Wirral!" For those less fortunate who have had to move away or are working overseas, what finer gift could they receive than this reminder of their homeland?
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Gerard Swarbrick      FRSA, FBCartS
cartographer,  designer,  artist.
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